We offer comprehensive psychoeducational assessments to determine your child’s unique learning and/or social emotional needs and develop recommendations to support them.


Our practice specializes in treating children with anxiety, depression, ADHD, executive function weaknesses, selective mutism, poor self-esteem, grief/bereavement, and siblings with exceptional needs as well as children with developmental challenges impacting emotional regulation and social interaction, such as those on the autism spectrum, with social communication or pragmatic language disorders, and/or with attention difficulties. We provide individual child therapeutic interventions and work with parents to assist them in supporting their child's progress.

Parenting Anxious Children Workshops

We offer 5 week parent workshops based on the SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions) Treatment developed through the Yale Child Study Center. These workshops are delivered in a group format and focus on helping parents respond supportively to their anxious child while learning to take steps to reduce their child's anxiety.